Phimosis (Zsr Circumscion) – The Way Ahead

Phimosis (Zsr Circumscion) – The Way Ahead

December 11, 2021


ZSR CIRCUMSCION – The way ahead

Which Is Better ? Conventional Circumcision / ZSR Circumcision

In Circumcision the skin that covers the tip of the penis is removed.

For newborn males in India, the procedure is quite frequent.

ZSR Circumcision is an effective treatment for phimosis.

Circumcision is required for following issues:

Methods of Performing Circumcision

However, in males who have conventional circumcision, problems such as bleeding, an oedema, lengthy recovery time and disappointing cosmetic results are always common in Conventional Circumcision.

What is ZSR Circumcision?

This is a sophisticated technique of circumcision that employs surgical stapler to cut and seal the edges of the foreskin other than using sutures.  ZSR Circumcision technique utilizes surgical stapler instead of conventional sutures to seal and cut the foreskin edges. In traditional circumcision, the surgeon must first cut the skin with a knife and then suture it.  In SR circumcision technology, the stitching and the cutting are done by the stapler device.

The procedure of stapler circumcision include:

Advantages of ZSR Circumscion

Disadvantages of Conventional Circumscion

Disadvantages of Stapler Circumcision

Recovery After Stapler Circumcision

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